Furniture Components

At Colquímica Adhesives, we develop industrial adhesives that can be applied to a wide range of substrates for furniture components, namely the Kmelt Technology, Kolwater Technology and Ksticks ranges. These adhesives can adapt to the latest equipment and ensure the quality and safety required for the different substrates of furniture components.

Thus, we recommend using Kmelt Technology industrial adhesives in the manufacture of various components for the furniture industry, as they ensure the following characteristics:

- High yield

- Excellent adhesion strength

- Resistance to high temperature

- Light colour

For manual, injector and roller application, we recommend using Kolwater Technology industrial adhesives, which meet the following requirements:

- Good adhesion properties

- Versatility - Adhesion to a number of substrates

- Good resistance to moisture, water and heat

- Suitable for high-speed machines

- Compliance with D3 standards

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Kmelt Technology
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Lining of MDF profiles with decorative paper or wood veneer


Lining of MDF, PVC or wood profiles with decorative paper or wood veneer


Flat lamination

Profile wrapping

Kmelt Yvolution
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For bonding decorative paper or wood veneer on MDF, PVC or wood profiles