Colquímica Adhesives: Experts in Components for Product Assembly
06 ABR 2021

Colquímica Adhesives: Experts in Components for Product Assembly

Product assembly is a cross-cutting task for countless fields of activity, which can be accomplished using many types of product. The adhesives used in this area must be resistant, suitable for the types of products and meet the standards of sustainable and eco-friendly production.

Over the years, Colquímica Adhesives has developed a set of solutions for the assembly of products under the competence of Kmelt Technology, Kolwater Technology and Ksticks brands, allowing for production in demanding industrial processes, of high complexity and specificity. Also, its portfolio matches the requirements of the most diverse activities, ranging from furniture assembly to general product assembly, air filters and even automobiles.

Colquímica Adhesives has continuously invested in specialized technology and production, with adhesives configured with excellent adhesive attributes and highly resistant to temperature. These are adhesives that adapt to different application processes, assuring a high thermal stability as well as a slight odor. The smoke emission associated with these adhesives is reduced.

Among the different industries for which the company produces adhesives, there is the furniture industry where assembly follows strict safety standards, both for those who assemble them and for those who buy them. Kmelt Technology, Kolwater Technology and Ksticks adhesives can be applied to the most diverse substrates of furniture components. Additionally, these adhesives can adapt themselves to the most modern equipment in the furniture industry, guaranteeing the quality and safety required by the different bases of the furniture components. Besides, they allow the assembly and gluing of an extensive list of materials: wood, plastic, agglomerate and/or MDF, packaging applications, fabrics, PVC, or metal features.

Kmelt Technology industrial adhesives are the ideal solution for the assembly of various components for the furniture industry, as they ensure:

  • High yield
  • Excellent adhesion strength
  • Resistance to high temperature
  • Light color

For manual, injector and roll application, Colquímica Adhesives suggests the use of Kmelt Technology industrial adhesives, which have the following specifications:

  • Good adhesion properties
  • Versatility - Adhesion to several substrates
  • Good resistance to moisture, water, and heat
  • Suitable for high-speed machines
  • Compliance with D3 standards

Concerning the general assembly of products, this comprises several applications, with emphasis on the production of geosynthetic systems, abrasive products, insulation, among many others.

Colquímica Adhesives excels in working closely with its partners and clients of this area, to promote solutions that adapt and respond to the needs of each application. Continuous R&D is a part of Colquímica's DNA, making it a commitment to innovation and the versatility of production processes that allow us to offer the best solutions for this market.

Regarding the production of filters, Colquímica Adhesives develops specific adhesives for application in different areas, namely the pleating of air filters, sealing bags and fixing the filters to the surrounding structures. Represented by the Kmelt Technology brand, Colquímica Adhesives' Hot Melt adhesives stand out due the following features:

• Viscosity suitable for use;

• Good adhesion to NW;

• Application at low temperatures;

• Good flexibility;

• Balanced open time;

• White color.

The Kmelt Technology brand is ideal for applying pleating, filter sealing, filter assembly, filter reinforcement, filter sticking on the frame and pleated filter in the air filter industry.

The automotive industry highlights major challenges in terms of safety and strength. Hence, the requirements placed on adhesives used in this sector and its subcontractors are particularly related to the need to resist to high temperatures, adhesion to rigorous substrates, low volatile component emission levels and flameproof properties. In this field, we recommend the Kmelt Technology brand for the manufacture of self-adhesive materials. The product was also specially developed to produce car sound insulation panels.

The assembly of products is an essential activity for any industry, so Colquímica Adhesives works, every single day, with a permanent and committed focus to provide the best solutions for the many fields of activity. For over 65 years, Colquímica Adhesives has placed excellence alongside its activity in the development and commercialization of hot-melt adhesives for the industry, uniting with people who, in one way or another, relate to the company.

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