09 MAI 2022


Following a path of serious commitment to its sustainability concerns, Colquímica Adhesives is now proud to take part in the United Nations Global Compact. Alongside other Portuguese and international companies setting the tone for a sustainable future, this achievement summarizes the way that Colquímica Adhesives views the World.

The United Nations Global Compact is the largest and most important corporate sustainability initiative, a global movement that supports organizations to operate with responsibility, by aligning their strategies and operations with ten principles on human rights, labour, environment, and anti-corruption, and simultaneously take strategic actions, such as the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, with an emphasis on collaboration and innovation.

Joining and alliance with the prestige and importance as the United Nations Global Compact is the summit of the sustainable direction we have been pursuing, that embodies the corporate culture and strategy”, states Sofia Koehler, Vice-President of Colquímica Adhesives Group. “Our company is now dedicated to honouring all ten principles, reporting every year with transparency to the United Nations, and have a positive contribution to society”.     

At Colquímica Adhesives, the outlook towards the sustainability policy is anchored on four fundamental pillars. From an economics point of view, the business growth relies on mutually beneficial relationships with the various stakeholders, rejecting all kinds of corruption, as well as promoting a culture of innovation. From a community standpoint, the company seeks to participate in local projects and incorporate members from the area. Regarding safety, great work conditions and reduced risks to health, safety and the environment are key. Lastly, the ecological focus aims to minimise negative impacts, as carbon emissions, waste production water consumption.     

Sustainability is not a minor detail of a wider goal, but the basis of existence. Without it, several future generations may be compromised. That is the reason why Colquímica will proceed to implement ethical, responsible, and innovative practices, to draw a path from which many can benefit.

Sofia Koehler | Vice-president of Colquímica Adhesives Group