Colquímica introduces new adhesive for hygiene applications empowered by Dow Technology
29 OUT 2021

Colquímica introduces new adhesive for hygiene applications empowered by Dow Technology

Combining Colquimica’s expertise and Dow’s material science know-how has allowed the development of a sustainable and high-performance adhesive for baby diapers, adult and feminine hygiene products

At Index 2021, Colquímica Adhesives, one of the leading hot-melt adhesives players, presents KMELT SPRAYCARE™ W-2020, a new hot melt adhesive for hygiene applications which addresses the current market need for more sustainable solutions for baby and adult diapers as well as feminine hygiene products. The innovation has been achieved by working closely together with DOW, a leading materials science company, and targeted to achieve a highly efficient as well as environmentally friendly outcome.

One of the key features of this technology is its excellent processability, being sprayed at low temperatures with no angel hair formation. A crucial aspect for this performance is the use of an adhesive which is based on olefin block co-polymer technology from Dow offering a wide operating window suitable for spray and slot applicators. The lower density of this technology and higher adhesion properties enables to reduce the glue consumption by up to 20%. Using less material to achieve enhanced performance has a positive impact on the carbon footprint of these applications and, ultimately, on the environment.

Sustainability is a key driver in the evolution of the hygiene market. From the very beginning of this project, the aim to develop a more sustainable solution was identified as a key priority. The enhanced performance of this product is of great importance for us, matching the ever-evolving needs and demands of our clients. Our focus remains the same: to provide the market with highly efficient, safe and sustainable solutions”, says Igor Encarnação, Colquímica Adhesives Procurement Manager.

“Building on Dow’s polymer and Colquimica’s formulation expertise, we’ve delivered a concrete and market-relevant polyolefin-based solution which will help manufacture more sustainable hygiene products without compromising on performance,” comments Imran Munshi, Global Market Segment Leader for Hot-Melt Adhesives at Dow. “In our aim to support and advance the market needs for resource-efficient, mono-material and circular solutions, innovation like Colquimia’s new adhesive will lead the way to a more sustainable industry.”

Colquímica Adhesives and DOW are already working together on new projects and both maintain a strong focus on innovation as a key element to provide the hygiene market with green, highly performance technology.

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