Innovation as a driver of a value proposition
30 JUN 2021

Innovation as a driver of a value proposition

Throughout the past two decades, innovation as became a keyword for every single brand and company worldwide. Either in the industry, services or agriculture, every organization claims to be focused on the research and development of disruptive solutions.

In an era of intense and permanent external communication, it is essential that we are able to differentiate branding from a company’s mindset and internal methodology.

Innovation is not a goal, but a mean. We do not innovate to claim it, but to able to come out with solutions that better serve our company, customers and partners.

In the hot melt adhesives industry, there are three main drivers for innovation: productive efficiency, product improvement and environmental impacts.

Technology evolves at an incessant rhythm, providing industrial companies with outstanding tools to maximize their efficiency and production capacity. Colquímica Adhesives has been at the forefront of this evolution, aiming at successfully conciliate automation and human expertise. Before the launching of the new industrial unit in Charlotte, North Carolina, that is equipped with exceptional artificial intelligence features, the company had already implemented tools such as Single Minute Exchange of Die (SMED), that allows quick redefinition of layouts and the optimization of internal flows. The constant monitoring of the process efficiency is guaranteed through an OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) indicator, that identifies the most recurrent problems and addresses them with effective corrective actions.

Product innovation has been a driver of Colquímica Adhesives’ worldwide recognition. The technical know-how of over six decades, as well as its personal approach to customers, has allowed the company to continuously develop solutions that respond to the custom needs of the five markets where it acts. The hygiene market, for instance, is a very demanding industry, given that products are in direct contact with the skin of final consumers. Several requirements come from this circumstance: comfort, convenience, performance, discretion and safety – all of them are of at utmost importance for ones’ quality of life. Colquímica Adhesives assumes its role on these goals.

Last, but not least, innovation towards a more sustainable World. We are living an environmental emergency, that demands the cooperation of Governments, Society and Companies. Organizations need to take part on this transition, both on their processes and in the products provided to the market. Colquímica Adhesives recently took a significant step on this field with the launching of its new bio-based adhesives brand. Kmelt Essence presents a portfolio of products formulated with bio-based raw materials. A new range of environmental certified adhesives with enhance adhesion from natural resins. This represents a major action towards a more circular economy and provides Colquímica Adhesives’s customers with an alternative to fossil-based raw materials.

Innovation is not a sporadic action nor a marketing product. It represents a very concrete way of perceiving a company and its role towards its customers and the society. At Colquímica Adhesives, innovation has become a driver of the company’s value proposition.


Cristina Frutuoso

R&D Manager