A Roadmap to Sustainability by Colquímica Adhesives
10 DEZ 2021

A Roadmap to Sustainability by Colquímica Adhesives

Since the Industrial Revolution, companies’ goals have been focused on production efficiency and an effort to increase its revenue, both by reducing costs and times. This mindset has led to significant progresses through Research & Development (R&D), hence working towards what we today call Industry 4.0.

However, the Economy is an ever-changing and complex reality, whose needs and priorities shift according to several factors, such as Society, Consumers and the Environment. This last element is undoubtedly the most recent in Companies’ priorities but has been rising sharply to a key concern of several Organizations.

Colquímica Adhesives is one of them. In fact, sustainability is at the very core of the company’s identity. It is the fundamental factor in every single project that Colquímica Adhesives embraces and an ongoing challenge for the R&D department.

Sustainable Development is not a market proposal or a branding strategy. On the contrary, it comprises a commitment towards our Society. The commitment to work on the present with an eye on the future. The responsibility to preserve our resources, to protect our Environment and to promote everyone’s well-being.

Sustainability is not achieved through one-time or ephemeral actions. It demands a permanent and complete strategy that cuts across every branch of the company. A methodology aligned with the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development by the United Nations.

Throughout the years, Colquímica Adhesives has been at the forefront of the hot-melt adhesives industry innovation progresses. The company has provided the market with highly ecological solutions that only use renewable raw materials. The R&D investments have allowed the development of products with enhanced adhesion properties, hence reducing the glue consumption, as well as low melt adhesives, that decrease energy consumption during the application.

The path towards a Circular Economy demands the joint effort of every single player in the value chain. Colquímica Adhesives has been working together with suppliers and clients to increase and share knowledge, as well as developing synergies that contribute to the reduction of waste and the reuse of materials. This strategy has significantly increased the company’s portfolio of bio-based hot-melt adhesives, an area where Colquímica Adhesives has been recognized as one of the most avant-garde players in the market.

This is the obligation of a responsible company. An organization that looks after its employees and partners, and that takes responsibility for the impact of its actions towards each stakeholder, the environment and the World. Our Mission is far from being finished. We are continuing to work on a better tomorrow, building the World in which we want to live in piece by piece.

Cláudia Pereira, Quality, Sustainability and Kaizen Lean Corporate Manager at Colquimica, S.A.