Innovation & sustainability drive Colquímica Adhesives’ participation in IDEA22
21 MAR 2022

Innovation & sustainability drive Colquímica Adhesives’ participation in IDEA22

The Hot Melt Adhesives company participates in the event that takes place between the 28th and 31st March in Miami.

Colquímica Adhesives has been recognized as one of the most innovative players in the field of hot melt adhesives for industrial applications. With a strong focus on sustainability, the company has presented the market with several pioneering solutions that improve the adhesives performance and reduce the impact on the environment. With over 40 years of experience in the hygiene market, Colquímica Adhesives is promoting its most recent solutions in IDEA22.

Focused on the health and well-being of final consumers, Colquímica Adhesives has developed a groundbreaking wetness indicator hot melt adhesive, that changes its color when in contact with urine. Certified with the Blue Label, an international allergy label that helps consumers choices in relation to skin allergy and Asthma-Allergy, KMELT PERFECTCARE™ W-6588 P is skin friendly.

KMELT SPRAYCARE™ W-2020 is one of Colquímica Adhesives’ most impactful product for construction on the hygiene market. This adhesive, specially developed for hygiene products as diapers, inco products, underpads, offers enhanced adhesion and a lower density which allows a reduction of glue consumption up to 20%. This product has excellent processability, can be sprayed at low temperatures with no angel hair formation, and distinguishes itself of the standard olefin based for spraying and slot capability in all type of applicators.

We have a responsibility towards People and our Planet. This mission implies a commitment towardsthe development of solutions that improve the quality of life as well as the reduction of the products’ impact on the Environment. For us, it is a great satisfaction to promote this highly innovative solutions, that are a result of our continuous investment in R&D”, explains Sofia Koehler, President of Colquímica Adhesives Inc.

Precisely with a green mindset, Colquímica Adhesives brings a bio-based hot melt adhesive solution to IDEA22. KMELT ESSENCE™ W-2 incorporates over 40% bio-based raw-materials and has shown great performance in very fast diaper machines. With enhanced adhesion due to natural resins, the product has excellent results of skin irritation and very good thermal stability.

KMELT PERFECTCARE™ W-215 S, developed for the feminine hygiene products, for positioning, presents great performance overtime, with excellent cohesive capacity and enhanced adhesive properties. Focused on reducing the impact on the environment, this solution was developed for application at low temperatures allowing energy consumption saving.

Located in booth 5001, Colquímica Adhesives aims to present visitors with a wide range of innovative solutions. With a comprehensive and sustainable portfolio, the company has several innovations to share with current and future clients, such as a highly innovative product that intends to improve the consumers quality of life.

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