At Colquímica Adhesives, we seek to respond to the most demanding requests of the market, developing innovative technologies in the industrial adhesive sector.

We keep abreast of technological innovation in the various sectors in which we operate, as well as that involved in the equipment, resources, raw materials and methods we use, which allows us to promote the development of innovative and superior-quality solutions, which are more sustainable and that effectively add value to the market.

The development of new products goes hand in hand with the technological evolution of the tools used by researchers. It is in this regard that we at Colquímica Adhesives strive to keep constantly innovating.

Along with the constant updating of our technological portfolio and our motivation to optimise our products, we also boast a highly qualified technical team. For this reason, the projects developed over the years benefited from the acquisition of equipment that allowed simulating the end product, which allows us to guarantee the highest quality and safety in the adhesives we manufacture. In this way, we confidently guarantee that all preparations delivered to the consumer have been thoroughly tested in conditions that closely resemble actual application.

  • qualified team
  • technological development
  • quality and safety tests

The equipment developed at our laboratories also allows us to analyse and evaluate the performance desired by our customers in several markets, most notably the following:

- A piece of laminating equipment for the personal hygiene and non-woven markets, which replicates, at a speed of 600 m/min the current applications in disposable products, such as diapers, tampons, surgical sheets, etc.

- A bookbinding machine, which allowed launching a new range for this industry, with an innovative chemical base for this application, which strengthened our relationships with existing customers and attracted new ones;

- A piece of equipment that simulates the construction of mattresses (bonding of foam layers), which allowed us to develop more competitive, higher-quality products.

This way , we can promote the development of innovative solutions of superior quality, in a more sustained way and that effectively bring value to the market.