lifetime Bonds

At Colquímica Adhesives, we rely on over 65 years of specialisation and technological development in the production, creation and marketing of technological adhesives.

We have achieved a number of milestones, which have made us experts, national leaders and international players in the production of industrial adhesives.

Opening of a new industrial facility in Charlotte, North Carolina, United States of America. These facilities permit more proximity to our customers and affirms the company as a truly global organization.

Colquímica Adhesives is certified by the ISO 45001 standard, which aims to reduce organizational risk and promote occupational health and safety.

Set up of Colquímica Adhesives Incorporated.

The expansion, recognition and growth in the creation of excellent industrial adhesives by the company previously called Colquímica, demanded that the brand's name was strengthened, with something that reflected its specialisation, and so the company was renamed Colquímica Adhesives. Now called Colquímica Adhesives, the company presents a renewed product portfolio, which was restructured as part of a branding initiative, so as to reflect the company's personality: strong, global, multicultural, passionate and close to its partners.

Colquímica Adhesives was awarded in the 2018 edition of the International Business Awards (Stevie Awards), in "Rebranding / Brand renovation of the year".

Colquímica is distinguished with the “Navigator Company Best Supplier” Award.

Colquímica S.A.'s shareholder structure was changed as part of the family succession process, and partners João Pedro Koehler and  Sofia Koehler now hold equal shares in the total capital of the Group.

In terms of executive management, João Pedro Koehler is the CEO, Sofia Koehler is Vice President and Pedro Gonçalves is the Group's third executive director. João Koehler and Helena Koehler remain on the Board as non-executive Directors.

Colquímica expands its production capacity, with the official opening of a new plant in Poland. The organisation's annual production capacity increases to over 60,000 tonnes.

In the same year, the company was one of the Portuguese finalists in the European Business Awards. Its export rate grew above 90% and its production capacity was expanded, with the installation of a new machine to manufacture Small Pillows.

Due to its turnover, the company is no longer included in the group of Portuguese small and medium-size companies, having acquired the status of Large Company.

Colquímica's new facilities allow the Organization to meet new and more demanding international Quality, Health and Safety requirements. Its Environmental Management System also received certification under standard ISO 14001.

Colquímica makes a new leap in technological development, with the inauguration of a new work space, which combines the Administrative Head Office and the Research & Development laboratories, as well as renovations in the production plant, namely with the installation of a pearl machine, with significant gains in production capacity.

Colquímica's export rate reaches 70%, after its establishment in Spain, Germany and Scandinavia, mainly represented by its Hot Melt adhesives.

The quality of Colquímica's adhesives is certified under Standard ISO 9001, in recognition of the organisation's commitment towards ensuring compliance with legal regulations and quality standards in its products.

The second generation of the Koehler family incorporates the company Colquímica, giving continuity to the family business project. João Pedro Koehler becomes the new CEO.

Colquímica expands the presence of Holt Melt adhesives in the market with the construction of a new production plant, with the latest technology and a production capacity of over 5000 tonnes per year.

Throughout the 1980s, Colquímica became specialised in the production of adhesives for application in personal hygiene products, adapting them according to the specificities of each product.

The company specialises in the production of Hot Melts, which are no longer used only in the furniture industry, and begin to be applied in packaging, labelling, smoking products and toiletries.

Colquímica is the first to produce Hot Melt adhesives in Portugal.

The first company to produce water-based adhesives in Portugal emerges. Founded by João António Koehler, Colquímica Adhesives was initially named JAKoehler, LDA.