For over 65 years, we have strived for excellence in the development and marketing of technological adhesives; we have bonded with people who, in one way or another, relate to us.

We are innovation, we are research, we are sustainability, we are precision, we are part of everyday life – anywhere in the world.

We cultivate interpersonal relationships and new trends, which always puts us one step ahead. Our activity is based on solid pillars of precision, transparency and self-challenge, without which we would never be able to manage our promptness to respond to the specificities of each raw material that goes into our products, with a view to ensuring that true value is added to each market in which we operate.

Innovation – We are committed to the development of new ideas and solutions, through a stringent and systematic R&D policy intended to keep us alongside and even ahead of industry trends.

Agility – We take on each challenge posed to us by our business partners with conviction and professionalism. We act with maximum efficiency and promptness in each project, guaranteeing quality and exceeding expectations. 

Proximity – We have always cultivated interpersonal relationships and a close proximity to all those who join us. We welcome any challenge with conviction and enthusiasm, in any market and anywhere in the world.


At Colquímica Adhesives, we are dedicated to the development, manufacture and marketing of technological adhesives. Keeping our eyes on the future, we are geared towards increasing innovation and the development of new technologies. Our teams are our main asset and, with them, we are able to keep constantly improving. We work with the utmost professionalism, precision and determination to add value to the daily lives of everyone. 


We work every day to be recognised as a reference player in the industry in which we operate, as a result of our values and a leadership policy that allows us to position ourselves as visionary and inspiring trendsetters.

We look at each reality as an isolated case – we avoid standardisation – and we want to continue to maintain our ability to act quickly and invest in relationships. Our purpose in creating solutions that apply to the most diverse contexts, drives to demand of ourselves that we are able to always ensure greater proximity, wherever we are, without jeopardising the pillars that sustain our DNA.

We cultivate relationships, challenge ourselves, and strive to discover new opportunities to generate and grow more value, alongside all stakeholders and anyone we join or who joins us. 

We want to remain a part of everyday life all over the world. We want to continue to generate value. We want to remain always in the front line.


Ambition and future We look forward to the future. We are intent on generating good results and permanently searching for the right conditions to create new business opportunities. 

Quality We work with a focus on the development of innovative adhesives. Our production is the result of over six decades of accumulated technical know-how, which has allowed us to bring cutting-edge solutions to the entire world.

Ethics and Trust The constant monitoring and follow-up we provide is based on the fulfilment of all ethical assurances before the various stakeholders, in terms of full transparency and precision in our activity.

Commitment We develop long-term, close relationships, and honour all our commitments, wherever we are. We work towards systematically exceeding expectations.

Efficiency Our cost-efficiency orientation and structure allow us to remain competitive and create the best conditions, always in close collaboration with our partners, in order to respond, swiftly and successfully, to each challenge presented.

Sustainability We make a conscious use of all resources, with a view to minimising environmental impacts. We focus on the sustainability of resources and their efficient use, based on an eco-friendly policy and a strong sense of social responsibility.