A quality mattress is a crucial condition for a good night's sleep, which is, in turn, essential for our inner balance, health, comfort, good physical condition and optimal intellectual performance.

This is why the mattress industry has evolved and begun using Hot Melt adhesives, as, unlike other adhesive technologies, these are safe and environmentally friendly.

Colquímica Adhesives' industrial adhesives for the mattress industry are used in the assembly of mattresses and upholstery, in the production of bagged springs and in technical textile lamination.

The Kmelt Comfort Hot Melt adhesive portfolio is versatile and innovative, with an excellent track record in the industry for over 25 years.

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Kmelt Comfort
Kmelt Comfort

Kmelt Comfort technology adhesives include the necessary technology for applications in mattress manufacture.

Our adhesives are safe and environmentally friendly, making them perfect for applications in this industry. Excellent adhesion to PU foams, non-woven fabrics and textiles, easy melting and absence of cold tack are relevant characteristics that make this range a proven success in this market. They can be applied in spray, thanks to their low viscosity and fluidity and, because they have a long open time, they can be applied manually or automatically.