Useful Bonds

Thanks to the experience and know-how of our professionals, and taking into account Colquímica Adhesives' constant search for ways to innovate, we have developed a wide range of industrial adhesives and other solutions, which can suit the needs of any market.

We have created and developed the best hot melt, aqueous dispersion and casein adhesive solutions in the industry.

The cross-sectional knowledge accumulated by Colquímica Adhesives' teams, as well as the constant technological research we develop, allow us to ensure that every customer request is seen as unique and addressed in a personalised way, with a view to guaranteeing excellence in the quality standards of the service we provide.

Colquímica Adhesives' products respond to the most demanding industrial needs. We strive for excellence in the creation of safe, efficient, adaptable and flexible adhesives for any industry. We rely on professionals who, with the support and technical knowledge of our suppliers, develop high-quality products, which bring innovation to the market.

We have in-depth knowledge of the various sectors of activity with which we work and we are able to provide an irreproachable and adequate response to the requirements of each one.