Nonwoven and Personal Hygiene

Personal hygiene and medical care are markets that require particular attention, as they are intrinsically linked to people's health and well-being, so all products and raw materials developed for this area must comply with specific quality, safety and comfort parameters.

This segment requires a high level of responsibility and care, so we have dedicated our experience and expertise to producing the best adhesives for applications in this sector, with a view to ensuring their integrated and efficient operation.

At Colquímica Adhesives, we have a portfolio of Hot Melt adhesives, which have been test-proven for over forty years and developed with the goal of creating the best solutions for this sector. Our adhesives developed for the hygiene industry are sold under the brands Kmelt Perfectcare and Kmelt Spraycare, and are intended for the manufacture of disposable hygiene and medical products.

All products of the Kmelt Perfectcare and Kmelt Spraycare ranges for hygiene are made from synthetic raw materials and are available for various applications in this industry. For the manufacture of disposable products, we offer adhesive for assembly, core, elastic, positioning and special applications. As for the medical field, we develop products for hospital supplies and adhesive wound dressings.

The main characteristics of the adhesives developed for this industry include good cohesive strength, adhesion, light colour and very faint odour. Products for this industry are always developed in compliance with the relevant certifications for each application, namely ISO 10993, on the dermatological safety of products.

Kmelt Perfectcare and Kmelt Spraycare adhesives for the Hygiene industry, produced mainly in the "big pillow" and "small pillow" formats, are melt-applied, at temperatures ranging from 130°C to 160°C.

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Related Brands

Kmelt Perfectcare
Kmelt Perfectcare

Kmelt Perfectcare is our brand of adhesives intended for the Hygiene and Non-woven markets, and which responds to the highest requirements of these markets.

Present in various items, such as: baby and incontinent diapers, pull-up diapers, tampons and bed covers, Kmelt Perfectcare adhesives have proven to be a reliable choice for over forty years.

These adhesives offer cohesive strength, peel strength, imperceptible odour, light colour and high yield, due to the optimisation of their viscosity to the application temperature. Produced in the universal 'big pillow' and 'small pillow' formats, we also provide these adhesives in semi-liquid formats, in 170-kg drums and 200-kg containers.

Kmelt Spraycare
Kmelt Spraycare

As part of its Kmelt adhesives category, Colquímica Adhesives also offers the Spraycare range, a revolutionary series of Hot Melts for the hygiene industry.

It is the first range of products in the industry with high content of polyolefin-based polymers, suitable for assembly applications and that can be applied in spray at very low temperatures.

Spraycare adhesives have low density, high peel, a very light colour and an imperceptible odour. High thermal stability, as well as high performance in state-of-the-art machines, make Spraycare adhesives the most innovative option for applications in the assembly of disposable products.

Hot Melt Kleaners
Hot Melt Kleaners

Hot Melt Kleaners are Colquímica Adhesives' range of products intended for cleaning Hot Melt adhesive dispensing devices – they are ideal for cleaning melting tanks, as well as the exterior surfaces of machines.