Colquímica Adhesives Privacy Policy

Colquímica Adhesives is responsible for the website, hereinafter designated as Website, and undertakes to guarantee the privacy of the personal data collected in it. Since the privacy and security of users' data are important, you are requested to read the following text to take notice of the privacy policy adopted by the Colquímica Adhesives website.

1. Terms of Use of the Website

1.1 The policy presented herein applies to all public and/or private entities that wish to become or are users of the Colquímica Adhesives Website. Its purpose is for users to understand the use of the Website, which personal data are collected, as well as the purpose of such collection.

1.2 Colquímica Adhesives, with headquarters at Rua das Lousas no. 885, 4466-578, Valongo, legal person number 500066850, reserves the right to change, edit or delete, fully or partly, the terms of this policy, and to establish a new use policy at any time. Such changes or amendments will become effective after their disclosure on the Website, therefore users should consult it regularly. Users may read the available updated version at;

1.3. The terms of use of the Website must be fully complied with, therefore, should the user not agree with any of its provisions he should stop using the Website;

1.4. The Website is owned by Colquímica Adhesives and its content, namely trademarks, designs, logos, images, photographs and videos made available, are protected under Portuguese, Community and International laws, by intellectual property rights belonging to Colquímica Adhesives;

1.5 The user is not allowed to copy, reproduce, publish, import or otherwise exploit, in any way, directly or through third parties, any elements made available on the Website, without prior written authorisation by Colquímica Adhesives;

1.6 The user of the Website undertakes:

a) To respect the rights of Colquímica Adhesives and of third parties;

b) To respect all and any legal provisions, making responsible use of the functionalities and contents made available;

c) Not to represent himself as someone else;

d) Not to insert on the Website any file or information that may hinder its normal operation, namely computer viruses.

2. Rights and Guarantees

2.1 The Colquímica Adhesives Website aims to publicise the activities and products developed and marketed by the company;

2.2 We draw attention to the information provided on the Website, which may not be thorough and/or updated, and may be linked to external Websites over which Colquímica Adhesives has no control or responsibility;

2.3 Colquímica Adhesives will make every effort to minimise the inconveniences caused by errors or technical failures that may occur on the Website;

2.4 Colquímica Adhesives assures the confidentiality and protection of the data collected during visits to the Website in accordance with the legislation in force;

2.5 Colquímica Adhesives seeks also to adopt proactive security measures in order to protect data against tampering, loss, destruction, access or disclosure by unauthorised persons.

3. Information concerning data collection and processing objectives

What are personal data?

Personal data means any information, of any nature, as well as support (such as sound or image), relating to an identified or identifiable natural person. An identifiable person is considered to be one that can be identified, directly or indirectly, through an identifier such as: name, identification number, elements of physical identity or other elements that allow for the person's identification.

3.1 Colquímica Adhesives undertakes to process and use the data received in accordance with the applicable legislation;

3.2 It further undertakes to use the data only for the intended purposes, as only for the purposes indicated by the users (e.g. recruitment);

3.3 Within the scope of the development of Colquímica Adhesives' commercial activity, it may be necessary to transfer user data to other companies belonging to the Colquímica Group or third parties that provide support services, such as technological service providers, human resources and marketing, among other;

3.4 By accepting this policy the user expressly authorises data processing and sharing with the aforementioned companies for the purposes set forth herein;

3.5 Data Managers undertake to respect the confidentiality of the user's personal data;

3.6 The duration of data processing will last for the period provided for in the legislation or until the purpose applicable to certain data ceases to exist.

3.7 Collection of data on the Website:

Data Collected


Data Managers


Contact Request Form

Media, Technical Information, Marketing, Suppliers


12 months

Response to Advertisement or Spontaneous Application Form


Human Resources

12 months

4. Information on Cookies

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files stored on the user's computer, which can be used to make his experience more efficient.

4.1 This Website uses cookies to enable a better user experience. When browsing the Website each user is consenting to their use; it is recommended that changes be made to the browser settings when the use of cookies is not intended;

You may also check the About Cookies website for more information about controlling or deleting cookies.

4.3 The law allows the recording of files on the user's computer if they are essential for the Website's operations, requiring user's permission for all other;

4.4 This Website uses cookies (called "session cookies") which are essential to ensure a rich and easy browsing experience. This type of cookies does not store any personal information about the user;

4.5 The Website uses also some non-essential cookies to obtain useful knowledge about its use, in addition to enabling its improvement. Without this information provided by the systems that use these cookies it would not be possible for Colquímica Adhesives to provide its services;

4.6 Users who wish to delete any cookies that are recorded on the computer should read the instructions of the file management software, in order to locate the file or folder where those may be stored.

For more detailed information, please refer also to Annex I concerning the detailed description of the cookies.

5. Use of External Links

5.1 The Colquímica Adhesives Website may contain links to other Websites, namely Facebook, LinkedIn or YouTube, so when the user clicks on the link Colquímica Adhesives no longer has any influence on the collection and purpose of data processing made by third parties.

For more information we recommend visiting the privacy policies made available by third parties.

6. Contacts

All users who wish to obtain information, send suggestions or complaints regarding the processing of their personal data, or even request their removal, should submit their request through the contact request form available on the Website, identifying in the message the data protection need. The request may also be sent through the email

Colquímica Adhesives undertakes to respond to all requests as soon as possible, within a maximum period of 1 month.

 Annex I

Type of Cookie




Session Cookie 


The sessionid cookie consists of an alphanumeric code created automatically by the platform and which exists as a way of memorising the user's browsing choices anonymously.


  Not essential Cookie


django_language is a cookie that memorises the language chosen by the user, thus avoiding repeating the language choice when navigating to another page


  Not essential Cookie


cookie-disclaimer is a cookie generated once the user accepts the Cookies Policy and is used to avoid repeating again the explicit acceptance of the Cookies Policy when browsing the site


  Not essential Cookie


csrftoken is a cookie that protects the website and the user from Cross-Site Request Forgery attacks


  Not essential Cookie

Google Analytics




The full list of Cookies used by Google Analytics can be found at the following link:

Google Analytics uses cookies to help analyse how users use the site. For example, it counts the number of visitors and provides information about their overall behaviour - such as the normal amount of time a user remains on a website or the average number of pages per visit.

The cookie-generated information on the use of the Colquímica Adhesives Website (including its IP address) will be transmitted and stored by Google on servers in the United States. Google will use this information in order to assess its use of that Website, compiling activity reports and providing other services relating to website activity and internet use.

When the user uses audio or video players within the Website, Google Analytics will attempt to store additional information on the computer. This information is known as Flash cookie. This helps to analyse the popularity of the Colquímica Adhesives media files. It allows counting the total number of times each file is played, how many people watched the videos until the end, and how many people gave up halfway. The Adobe website offers tools to control Flash cookies on the user's computer.

Privacy Policy:


(property of Google.Inc)

   Not essential Cookie

Google reCaptcha


These cookies are used to facilitate the captcha solution after submittal of a form. The Captcha service has terms and conditions and privacy policy accessible through the form widget.


(property of Google.Inc)

  Not essential Cookie



ARRAfinnity is a cookie used by websites built on the Windows Azure platform. Its only purpose is as load balancer on the servers. Further information can be found at the following link:


   Not essential Cookie


(vuid; player)

These cookies are used by Vimeo when playing an embed video as a way to create video statistics. Further information on Vimeo cookies can be found at: