Preserving the ecosystem is one of our main concerns. In the development and production of our industrial adhesives, we focus on managing and selecting our resources in a way that reduces impacts on the environment.

In our laboratories, the constant innovation that guides us in the development of technological adhesives is also notorious in terms of sustainability, as we are constantly discovering new and better resources to help us to ensure the highest level of safety and compliance with quality and environmental standards. Year after year, we seek to respond to the challenge of reducing carbon dioxide emissions in the development of our technological adhesives, thus contributing to reducing our ecological footprint. At Colquímica Adhesives, we collaborate with partners that allow us to develop innovative products, always in a way that contributes to the well-being of humanity, aiming to promote a transition to an increasingly sustainable planet and society. 

In this regard, we are aware of our business' active role in today's society, on which we intend to create a positive impact, within a logic of prevention, mitigation and compensation of environmental impacts. Our concern for environmental protection is further reinforced by our sustainability project. The project "In your hands, a happier planet" intends to preserve the natural and historical-cultural heritage of Portuguese mountain ranges.

To this end, Colquímica Adhesives has been developing and implementing a set of environmental best practices in various fields, which have contributed to the continuous improvement of the company's environmental performance. The 'Watch the Colplanet' campaign is an example that illustrates our growing environmental concern and its main goal to sensitise our employees to the need to reduce the consumption of natural resources.